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Karla Lane: 1-8

2013-2014 Overall Champion

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Introducing your 2015 BRN4D Horse With The Most Heart.....

Karma Cash!

Owned and ridden by Charmaine Beck. This team will receive their award at the BRN4D 2015 Finals. Congratulations!!!

This is the story of Karma by Jackie Culham

We raised her. My mom and dad ran her on the track for one year then I took her and trained her on barrels. We won the BRN4D Futurity and the horse trailer in 2007. Karma and I went on to win the BRN4D Maturity in 2008 and 2009 winning saddles each year. I guess you can say we won the Triple Crown.

In 2010 we went to a few rodeos and placed, but I noticed Karma was not herself. She went from clocking low 17s to clocking high 17s and 18s. The vets and I started trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally after some blood work it was determined that she had some kind of infection going on inside of her. I took her to WSU where they found that she had pigeon fever in her kidney. They said that it was so big that every time I ran her it would cut off the blood flow to her hind legs and she should not have been able to finish a barrel pattern, much less clock. That is just how much heart this mare has! After months of treatment and lots of prayers she made a full recovery. We went back to being very successful at all levels of competition.

While Karma was at WSU they noticed that she had melanomas. Although not malignant they became a problem a few years later when they started popping out under her skin around her cinch area and on her head. I continued to ride her until they started interfering with her stride. I knew this mare had too much heart and try for me to run her. She would try above what she was capable of and I did not want to hurt her. This was the same time my dad passed away. I gave Karma to my mom to ride as a way of keeping her busy. Now I am so proud of them. Karma takes great care of my mom and they have been very successful; clocking a couple 17s, placing second in her division in the Valley Girls Barrel Racing Association Year End and last year winning the Open 3D average at VGBRA's Barrel Daze. Not bad for a 77 year old rider and a 14 year old horse with a big heart.