Running strong in the Walla Walla Valley since 1962.

Where It All Begins!

Karla Lane: 1-8

2013-2014 Overall Champion

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Barrel Daze Workers

Valley members contact Tricia to sign up for working at Barrel Daze.

Contact:   Tricia Sewell  509 520-0907


Auction Items

VGBRA Members: Each member must either donate an item worth $25 for our Barrel Daze Auction or donate $25 to Julie Williams to purchase an item for auction. If you wish to donate $25 please send it to Julie at P. O. Box 472, Athena, OR 97813 by March 29. Also, if you are donating an item you must notify Julie by March 29 to let her know what you are donating. Contact Julie at or phone 541.566.3674.



VGBRA Directors Meeting

March 30, Monday, at Holiday Inn Express, 6 p.m.


VGBRA Members

If you have any photos that we can put in our Scrapbook please give them to Rosie Gallaher at a barrel race or a meeting. She would like to update Scrapbook.