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Barrel Daze Results 2016
  Sweepstakes 2016 Futurity Round 1 Futurity, Round 2
  Futurity Average 2016 Futurity, Round 1, SIP Futurity Round 2, SIP
  Futurity Average, SIP Futurity Round 1, 2D Futurity 2D, 2nd Go
  Futurity 2D, Average Futurity Future Fortunes Round 1 Futurity Future Fortunes, Round 2
  Futurity Future Fortunes Average Maturity, Round 1 Maturity, Round 2
  Maturity Average Maturity SIP. Round 1 Maturity SIP. Round 2
  Maturity SIP Average Maturity Round 1, 2D Maturity 2D. Round 2
  Maturity 2D Average Open, Saturday Open Sunday
  Open Average Senior Saturday Senior Sunday
  Youth Saturday Youth Sunday Novice Saturday
  Novice Sunday Pee Wee Race 10 & Under Saturday Pee Wee 10 & Under Sunday




Barrel Daze Results 2015
Sweepstakes 2015 Futurity Round 1 Futurity Round 2
Futurity Average Futurity SIP, 1st Round Futurity SIP, 2nd Round
Futurity SIP Average Futurity Future Fortunes, Round 1 Futurity Future Fortunes, Round 2
Futurity Future Fortunes, Average Futurity, 2D, Round 1 Futurity, 2d, Round 2
Futurity, 2D Average Maturity, Round 1 Maturity, Round 2
Maturity Average Maturity SIP, Round 1 Maturity SIP, Round 2
Maturity SIP Average Open, Saturday BD Open Sunday
Open Average Novice Saturday Novice Sunday
Youth Round 1 Youth Sunday 10 & Under Saturday
10 & Under Sunday Senior Saturday Senior Sunday
Sweepstakes 2014 Futurity Round 1 Futurity_Round_2
Futurity_Average Futurity, Go 1, SIP Futurity_Round_2,_SIP
Futurity_Average_SIP Futurity_2D_Sidepot_Round 1 Futurity_2D_Sidepot_Round2
Futurity_2D_Sidepot_Average Future_Fortunes_Round 1 Future_Fortunes_Round 2
Future_Fortunes_Average Maturity_Round_1 Maturity_Round_2
Maturity_Average Maturity_Round 1_SIP Maturity_Round 2_SIP
Maturity_Average_SIP Futurity Stallion Owner_Results SIP Open_Round_1
Open_Round_2 Open_Average Novice_Round_1
Novice_Round_2 Youth_Round_1 Youth Round 2
10 and Under Round 1 10_&_Under_Round_2 Senior_Round_1
Futurity_1st_Round Futurity_2nd_Round Futurity_Average
Futurity_1st_SIP Futurity SIP 2nd Round Futurity Average SIP
Futurity Future Fortunes 1st Round Futurity Future Fortunes 2nd Round Futurity Future Fortunes Average
Futurity 2D Sidepot Round_1 Futurity 2D Sidepot Round 2 Futurity 2D Sidepot Average
Futurity Stallion Owners Results 2013 Barrel Daze Maturity Round 1 Barrel Daze Maturity Round 2
Barrel Daze Maturity Average Maturity SIP Round_1 Maturity SIP Round 2
Maturity SIP Round Average Open Saturday Open Sunday
Open Average 10 & Under Saturday 10 & Under Sunday
Youth Saturday Youth Sunday Sweepstakes
Futurity_1st_Go Futurity_2nd_Go Futurity_Average
Futurity_1st_Go_SIP Futurity_2nd_Go_SIP Futurity_Average_SIP
Futurity_2D_Sidepot_1st_Go Futurity_2D_Sidepot_2nd_Go Futurity_2D_Sidepot_Average
Future_Fortunes_1st_Go future_Fortunes_2nd_Go Future_Fortunes_Average
Maturity_1st_Go Maturity_2nd_Go Maturity_Average
Maturity_SIP_1st Go Maturity_SIP_2nd_Go Maturity_SIP,_Average
10_&_Under_Saturday 10 & Under_Sunday Sweepstakes
Saturday_Open Sunday_Open Open_Average
Novice_Saturday Novice_Sunday Senior_Saturday
Senior_Sunday Youth_Saturday Youth_Sunday
Sweepstakes Futurity_1st_Round Futurity_2nd_Round
Futurity_Average Futurity_1st_SIP Futurity_2nd_SIP
Futurity Average SIP 1st_Go_Stallion_Owners 2nd_Go_Stallion_Owners
Average_Stallion_Owners Futurity_2D_Sidepot_1st_Go Futurity_2D_Sidepot_2nd_Go
Futurity_2D_Sidepot_Average Future_Fortunes_1st_Go Future_Fortunes_2nd_Go
Future_Fortunes_Average BRN4D Incentive Bonus 2011 Maturity_1st_Go
Maturity_2nd_Go Maturity_Average Maturity_SIP_1st_Go
Maturity_SIP_2nd_Go Maturity_SIP_Average 10_&_under_Sat_&_Sun
Open_Round_1 Open_Round_2_Corrected Open_Average
Novice_Round_1 Novice_Round_2 Senior_Round_1
Senior_Round_2 Youth_Round_1 Youth_Round_2

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